Whimsical paintings, fierce political posters and postcards for your home and to share with friends

Botanic Gardens-alt.jpg

My passion for art has come as naturally as breathing.
Inspiration grows out of doing the actual work itself, from working and keeping my sensitivity alive to everything.
Painting is magic. I start with a basic concept when I begin to paint but the creativity takes off from there. When it is ready, that part of the brain opens up like a basket of butterflies. It’s as good as flying through a time warp. I am invariably startled by the results after a day in the studio. I am always grateful and never take the creative process for granted because things go wrong and it can take hours or days to get back on track.
It’s also magic when someone falls in love with a work of art.
It can take you away and help you escape. 
It touches you emotionally and makes you stop and feel.

Art is for everyone